Cassper Nyovest Pushes Prince Kaybee For Fight Date


AMN star Cassper Nyovest has called on Prince Kaybee to commit to a date for their boxing match instead of “talking”.

In case you missed it on Twitter, the sworn enemies are set to fight each other after Kaybee challenged Cassper to brawl it out in the boxing ring. After some back and forth on the TL, Mufasa was sick of all the talk and no action, and took to the TL in frustration.

“I’m tired of talking! These guys wanna talk and tweet but when it’s time to commit to anything he he sebono se botlhoko. Mxm. Where the energy he had yesterday? Let’s get a date, then get the business in order and then we can see what’s what. They love excuses,” said Cassper.

The star again came for Kaybee, saying that he is “glad to know” that Prince Kaybee is supposedly not fit enough to fight him.

“I’m glad you know that you aren’t fit to box me right now. That’s OK. The only thing we wanna know is, when do you think you’ll be fit enough or brave enough to stand in the ring with me? It’s simple Kabelo. Just pick a date. Any date,” said Cassper.

Though he didn’t directly address the tweet, the star responded to a curious fan wondering why Prince Kaybee took several hours to respond. Kaybee said that he had been busy with a side gig and finally had time to catch up with Cassper’s tweets.

“Thing is I just came back from a side-hustle, heard he’s been talking the whole day so I’m just catching up,” he wrote.

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