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DJ Torne scoops Kapenta deal 


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Top Harare wheel spinner, DJ Torne – real name Tawanda Nduna – has landed himself an ambassadorial deal with Ericanel, a company that trades in Kapenta fish.

DJ Torne inked a one-year deal with the company.

Caroline Muguti

Speaking to H Metro, Ericanel boss Caroline Muguti confirmed the news.

“The world has gone digital these days.

“The advancement of technology means that almost everyone has some form of gadget they use to connect to the internet and spend some time on social media for example on WhatsApp and Facebook.

“These developments made us realise that for our marketing, promotional and customer outreach programmes, social media is now the new normal.

” However, not everyone has a wide reach on social media, that is why we had to find someone influential on social media in particular and the internet in general.

“After looking and asking around we found DJ Torne.

” He is very influential on social media, established and has been in this business since 2008.

“He is the best at what he does.

” We approached him and he agreed to work with us.

“He has vast experience in working with various upcoming businesses and brands including women entrepreneurs such as Alice Tagwira a woman just like me.

” He was excited by Ericanel’s vision on Matemba Wholesale and he believed in our dream in empowering women in our soon to come projects.”

She added:

“We feel privileged, inspired and encouraged to be working with him.

” He is very committed, cooperative, has wide media and social media reach and is one of the best  at what he does.”

In another interview, DJ Torne said:

” I feel honoured to be recognised by a female entrepreneur who in her own capacity supports women empowerment in line with Government’s major moves to empower the girl child.

“I promise to give them my all, I’m naturally a committed person when I start something. I thank them very much.”

Apart from Kapenta, Ericanel also has peanut butter, madora (amancimbi), natural honey, beans and other traditional foods.