. . . amid garbage collection crisis

Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Harare City Council (HCC) has sent out a begging bowl to the corporate world and individuals as garbage collection crisis reaches tipping point. 

Harare authorities have of late been receiving widespread condemnation for neglecting the once Sunshine City.

Refuse collection has been a big challenge as evidenced by the existence of dumping sites everywhere.

In a press statement issued yesterday, Harare Mayor Clllr Musarurwa Mutizwa expressed concern over poor service delivery concerns by the City Fathers.

“We have convened this press conference to update Harare residents on service delivery issues and to appeal to the corporate world and individuals with capacity and love for Harare to assist in our quest to improve service delivery.

“We can blame each other but that will not resolve the matter. However, all customers need to play their part – with residents and corporates paying their bills. Failure to pay over the years has gotten us to where were are today. Council is owed over ZW7.8 billion – which if paid today would go a long way in addressing the sticking service delivery areas.

“We have put mechanisms to recover the debts so that we can plough that money into service delivery. Soon we are publicising names of huge debtors who are holding onto public funds – funds meant for service delivery. Services were provided and they did not pay. They are now holding the city at ransom.

“We are currently operating with 20 percent of our garbage collection fleet. While we work on increasing our fleet availability to 75 percent within the next 30 days, we appeal to individuals and corporates to assist us in the interim to implement the following strategies.

“Government has already come on board and has provided us with ZWL$438 million towards recapitalisation of waste management equipment. Various pieces of equipment that include a landfill compactor, landfill dozer, excavator, front end loader, 10 refuse compactors, three tipper trucks and 20 skip bins are at various stages of procurement.

“Companies and individuals are encouraged to adopt pieces of land in the city specifically for beautification purposes. Terms and conditions can be discussed with our parks and cemeteries division under the Department of Housing.

“In simple terms, the city is open on partnerships that benefit residents, council and the people rendering the assistance.

“For grass cutting we require the following: 15 tractors, one trailer and 80 brush cutters to operate effectively,” reads parts of the statement.