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How To Overcome Stage Fright

stage fright



It’s been claimed the number one fear is public speaking. If that’s true, the idea should be taken and multiplied by a hundred while speaking and expecting to be hilarious. Some people are just afraid to seem idiotic or say something stupid. but guess what, that’s what stand-up comedy is all about. However, for some people, though, the struggle of stage fright is real. 


Whether you’re afraid about seeming dumb man or are anxious, these tips should assist you! Successful comedians must also conquer or manage this stage of fear.


This blog discusses tips that can be helpful to you to overcome stage fright. 


#1 Do not try to memorize everything!


Most individuals fear public speaking, not because their nervousness is inherent…but because they concentrate so much on reciting their lines, they are not focused on keeping the audience engaged regardless of what those lines are. Therefore, do not try to memorize everything. Chances are that you will likely forget something or the other. Improvisation is a great tip that can help you keep the audience interested and make things much easier for you. 


#2 Practice!


Practice is perfectly meaningful. It’s neither stupid nor silly, if you genuinely stand up in front of a mirror or an empty room, It’s effective. People should do it more often. 

You learn your timing, recognize where there are gaps, find out where you struggle and what expressions best fit the show.


Practice makes the man perfect and therefore if you want your show to be a hit, we suggest you start rehearsing. You will find your weaker areas and will be able to focus on those areas and work towards making those areas stronger.


#3 Eye contact!


Eye Contact is not something you should be afraid of. It helps to offer everyone equal attention while you are talking to a group. When you are at a huge venue or performance, make eye contact by giving preference to the people in the room.


Connecting with your audience by making eye contact is like shifting the angles of a camera. The variations are increased and the movements continue to flow so that your audience feels subtly engaged. This keeps them interested and you may also bid goodbye to your stage fear.


#4 Voice Modulation!


If you do not modulate your voice to fit a character, your audience will start getting bored and may even wander off. This takes time to achieve, of course! However, if you can master this skill, your performance will be an iconic one. When at a show, try to change your voice according to the mood of the story. If you are pretending to be someone else and saying the dialogue, think of how that person would say a line. Try to imitate that and no one will be able to stop you from giving a fantastic performance. 


#5 Practice deep breathing!


Practice 5 minutes’ deep breathing before you come on stage. Focusing on breathing deeply calms the adrenaline, and relaxes your thoughts. Imagine your performance in your head and hear the laughter of people as you keep breathing to feel more positive. Do this before all your performance and notice how your outlook will change to a more optimistic one. This will eliminate your fear and stress, making you feel confident and stress-free. 


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