Just how much has corruption cost Zim

effects being so widespread that no analysis can ever account for all its deadly impacts. What’s even

worse about corruption is that its effects go beyond the corrupt individual, spilling over into the lives

of innocent colleagues, organisations , poisoning the economy and going on to destroy our children’s


If history were to judge Zimbabweans by the difference they have bought into the lives of children,

then a huge number would have hefty fines to answer for. The economy is in shambles and yet still,

those capable of turning the situation into a favourable scene continue to chop away at the already

struggling country’s wealth. To think that a country can lose amounts of foreign currency amounting

to as much as 3 billion United States dollars due to illicit financial flows is outrageous.

Had that money been directed to struggling sectors in the country , a good number of challenges that

are currently tormenting the country would never have existed. For instance, had ZUPCO been

receiving due subsidy, the company would never have gone broke to the extent of having to hire

buses from private business owners. Bread price is up by a puzzling 17%,a basic need . The Zimbabwe

Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) is having to import electricity from other

countries, after very long periods of begging because there are outstanding debts that need to be

dealt with, but had the Hwange power plant been receiving the necessary service all these years

without the money being redirected to unaccounted for transactions, the power plant would have

been giving significant relief to the ongoing power crisis.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has been given the task of exposing corrupt

individuals and organizations. The commission, led by Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo is on track,

working around the clock to brings light on the issues of funds that are unaccounted for. However, it

has to be said that the results do not at all paint a good picture. It seems that most of the corruption

points to the very people with whom the people have invested their trust, political bigwigs. ZACC is

currently working on the laws and procedures that would be best to ensure that these people are

brought to justice. Some are former and current high ranking political office holders.

The situation that Zimbabweans find themselves in is really dumb founding. Its a pitty that its only

those who spectate a game of chess that see the best moves to make. The Zimbabwean government

as been making a bunch of careless moves on the board of late, pointing fingers, covering up messes,

not giving an ear to thee advice of others. Its really hard to steer away from a future where the

government is gonna run out of moves and the player will have to change.

Corruption is everyone’s problem, lets all join in the fight against corruption.