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Mwerahari joins Green Fuel


Bruce Chikuni, Sports Reporter

OBEY Mwerahari has revealed that he is now a Green Fuel player after he parted ways with Triangle United.

“I have found a new home and I am excited to be part of this family.

“Before I signed my contract the board made everything clear and am privileged to be involved in such a project. The goal is to win the championship and I resonated well with their vision because it is everyone’s dream to be surrounded with people with a winning mentality.

“I enjoyed my stay at Triangle United. The coach was very supportive and it was an honor to work with him. I parted ways with Triangle because we had contract issues but neither side should be blamed because it is normal in football, at the end of the day we meet to part ways. I have shifted focus to my new task,” said Mwerahari.

He, however, denied to rule out the possibilities of returning to Triangle if the chance arises.