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Shingi Munyeza Returns To Social Media After Four-Month Break

Shingi Munyeza Returns To Social Media After Four-Month Break

Shingi Munyeza Returns To Social Media After Four Months Break-iHarare

Prominent businessman and cleric Dr. Shingi Munyeza has announced his return to social media after four months away from the spotlight.

Announcing his return, Dr. Shingie Munyeza simply wrote “Ndadzoka” which means “I am back”.

Screenshot From Facebook

Shingi Munyenza made headlines in January after his cheating scandal was revealed. His only daughter, Nomsa exposed him on social media challenging the cleric after he had posted an anniversary message for his wife.

Nomsa rebuked his father for claiming undying love for a person he was cheating on.

Munyeza admitted that he had fallen “morally” in a terse statement where he did not go into details about the matter.

As a result, he resigned and stepped down from his position of Pastor at Faith Ministries Church.

Many of his fans welcomed his return and easily forgave the once-popular man of God. Here are some of the welcome remarks from Facebook;

Buhle Mpofu

You have been dearly missed. Loadshedding has been harassing when you were gone.

Amon Mapiye

Welcome back Shingie, hopefully now much stronger than before!

Leslie Ziyanai Dumba

Welcome back, just remember the intranet does not forget. There will be people who will try to remind you of your scandals but they forget they have more scandals in themselves. You are a good man.

Fidel Munyonga

Welcome back, you were not supposed to disappear In the first place, but be resilient, we are all humans and sinning is our nature.

Ju Dy

Welcome back 🤣

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Scandaliser we missed your posts sir

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