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Songbird engages Lira producer


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

South Africa based Afro soul singer – Zivisai – is simply unstoppable.

The talented songstress has engaged top producer Brian Masendeke for her debut single titled Ung’thanda Ngingekho due for release today.

Masendeke has worked with top artistes like Lira and Celine Dion and has many accolades to his name.

In an interview with H Metro, she said

“The song I’m releasing is called Ung’thanda Ngingekho, which means, you love me when l am not there.

“It’s a song that speaks of intentionality and active presence.

“I believe in showing up for the people that I love in big and small ways and having them know and see that I am there for them.

“Unfortunately, as human beings we do not typically subscribe to this ideology and that is the purpose of this song, to encourage people to show up.”

Asked how it was working with Brian Masendeke on the song she said:

“Hands down the most talented producer I have met on my journey this far.

” He has worked with huge artistes like Lira and Celine Dion and his accolades are too many to list but if you can sing, I promise you, you want to ring this guy.”

She added:

“l intend to share more and more of my art with music fans and not just music but so much more.

” I’m also looking forward to some collaborations with artistes from across Africa.”